When your day is filled with laundry, cleaning, and ordinary moments, it's easy to view other people's work as more valuable to God,
dismissing the significance of seemingly mind-numbing, everyday tasks. In this life-giving book, Courtney Reissig encourages moms with the truth about God's perspective on their work: what the world sees as mundane, he sees as magnificent.

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Glory in the Ordinary is a needed reminder of the beauty and blessing of work within the home. Courtney Reissig reveals how serving others in small ways builds a lifetime of glorifying God. The simple tasks of cooking a meal, taking out the trash, fixing a car, or washing laundry might seem mundane, but offered to God, these daily tasks have kingdom significance.”
Melissa Kruger, Women's Ministry Coordinator; Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, 
The Envy of Eve and Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood

“Have you ever considered the significance of your work at home? Everyone needs encouragement in his and her work, and in Glory in the Ordinary, Courtney Reissig provides just that. Reissig shares honestly and humbly about the various temptations and struggles of at-home work, reminding us that our work—from cleaning dishes to wiping runny noses—is good and meaningful work,
ultimately because it’s meaningful to God.” 
Trillia Newbell, author, EnjoyFear and Faith, and United

“Living in daily life what an author writes in a book is the sure mark of authenticity, and Courtney passes that test well. She invites God into every area of her life, especially her home. I love seeing young women choose the often lonely and thankless road of mommy-land knowing the rewards will come one day, if not from grownup children, from a Father who sees all and is pleased with
her sacrifice and service in his name.”
Barbara Rainey, Cofounder, FamilyLife; author, Letters to My Daughters: The Art of Being a Wife