More Thoughts on Haiti

Throughout the day we have been seeing updates from various Christian organizations saying they have yet to hear from many of their staff in Haiti. For many of them they are in the poorest places in Haiti, and in the world. And they chose to be there. Many of them left the comforts of America to live among impoverished people. And they chose to be there. Many of them have now lost their lives, buried next to the very people they were seeking to bring the Gospel to. And praise God, they chose to be there.

I have been amazed and encouraged by how many organizations are actually in Haiti doing Gospel work so that Haitian people might praise Christ. They are a testimony to the truth that Jesus Christ is the greatest treasure in the Universe—even greater than life itself. They are men and women that the world is not worthy of.

In the next few days we will hear more about these organizations and how we can help. I pray that God would use this tragedy to raise up more men and women, like our brothers and sisters in Haiti, to go and give their life for the sake of our Christ’s name.

Here are just a few of the organizations. I know there are many more:

Compassion International

Baptist Haiti Mission

Food for the Hungry

Water Missions International