Missions Wednesday (on Thursday)

We had the privilege of being apart of a short-term missions send off for my parents pastor while we were home. I left the service with a strong desire to go with them. I realized that by the sheer prayer and acknowledgment of this family’s trip my heart was stirred to love the nations. I think that this is what we are supposed to feel. We see people go, we hear about the need, and we want to do something (either go or send). Primarily for my own benefit, and Lord willing your benefit as well, I am going to post brief summaries of countries every week, in part to stir in my heart a love for the nations. I am also doing it to prepare these summaries for the children at our church. So stay tuned. I pray that you are educated, engaged, and encouraged to love all nations and desire them to come to faith in our Christ.


I wanted to start with Jamaica because a few summers ago I had the opportunity to serve in an orphanage there and my heart was forever changed.

Jamaica is the third largest country in the West Indies. While the majority of people would claim Christianity in Jamaica, it is in many cases in name only. The rate of illegitimate children is very high, thus leaving many Jamaican children orphaned and wards of the state. One out of every four Jamaican men is a drug user, thus contributing to the problem of orphaned children. Since many Jamaicans do not have cars, there are a lot of small churches within walking distance. Though Jamaica numerically is predominantly Christian, the call for the Gospel among the people of Jamaica is still urgent.

Ways to pray:

  • Pray that God would give Jamaican Christians a heart to really follow Christ and not see it as something that is merely cultural.
  • Pray that God would kill the selfishness that leads to child abandonment
  • Pray that God would burden Christians to adopt Jamaican orphans and go to Jamaica and disciple Jamaican believers