One Way to Save a Life

For almost all of the two and a half years that I have been in Louisville, Carl "Chip" Stam has helped shepherd my heart and mind to worship God. Whether through leading chapel worship at Southern or leading Sunday morning worship at church, he has helped me prepare my heart to receive God's word.

He has also been battling cancer.

It's hard to put into words how much Chip and Doris Stam have, through living their lives, helped me see the goodness of God even in the midst of suffering. I am so grateful for their testimony.

Now Chip is in need of a stem-cell transplant and he needs a match. And you can help. If you have given blood before this is not too different. You can register online and they will send you a kit in the mail. If you are a match they will contact you when someone needs your help.

I signed up on Sunday night. I hope you do to. And if you can't, please remember to pray for Chip's healing.

Here is the link:

The coupon code for Chip is: CARLSTAM2010