Purity in an Impure World: Part 3

Proverbs repeatedly talks about Lady Wisdom and encourages the believer in Jesus to follow her example. The Bible tells us that a woman of wisdom.

  1. The woman of wisdom’s beauty is to be inward, not outward. Her dress should not be her primary focus. 1 Peter 3:3-4 tells us that a woman's adornment should not be extravagant. Clothing is important. Appearance matters. We should love to look attractive. But it should not characterize us. We should not dress to attract and make ourselves the primary attraction. Christian women should desire to make Christ the main attraction. When we dress immodestly we take away from Christ’s glory. By being lusted after we are getting glory and attention for ourselves, not the One who made us. I like shopping. And I really like doing my hair and makeup in the morning. I would never dream of going to work or church without makeup on. And I really like clothes. I like to look cute. Those things are not wrong in themselves. But when I leave my house in the morning if my heart is saying “I hope everyone loves my outfit." Or "I hope that person notices me,” then I have misplaced desires. I want the wrong thing. My body is not the object of everyone in Louisville’s affections—and neither is yours. One really practical way that we can love our brothers in Christ (and even loved unsaved boys) is be mindful of what we wear. Men are visually stimulated. They are designed to want to look at a woman’s body. And we are designed to want them to. But only in marriage. Our bodies are only for one man.
  2. The woman of wisdom makes herself available to one man. God never intended for you to be a serial dater. The Bible does not give us a framework for the dating culture that we have today. We were made to enjoy intimacy, both emotional and physical, with one man—our husband. In Genesis 2 we see that Eve was made for Adam. She was made to complete him. Flirting and tempting guys with your affections and your body is only opening the doors for your availability for them.
  3. The woman of wisdom is gentle and submissive. Ephesians 5 and 1 Peter 3, while talking about married woman, tell us that a godly woman is gentle and submissive. This does not mean that we do not speak. A gentle and quiet spirit is not a character trait. It is a heart condition. All of us can probably point out girls we know who are “in your face, you can’t tell me what to do” types. We all know women who are manipulative and use people to get their own way. This is not what God says women who are after his heart are to be like. For some of you it is very easy to use your beauty, your sexuality, your body, and even your brains to get what you want. You use your tongue to lure men to desire you. But the godly woman does not see the men around her as objects to control. Rather she sees them as brothers in Christ. She does not use her body to manipulate. Part of being gentle and submissive means watching our tongues. Do not get caught up in the sexual conversations that permeate your school or work environment. If we love Christ, we will not love to talk about those things. Ephesians 5:4 says that there should be no “crude joking,” and he links that with sexual immorality in the previous and following verses. Our speech should be distinctly different.
  4. The woman of wisdom is honest. The godly woman also knows that any sexual activity with a guy before marriage would be committing adultery against her future husband. Jesus says in Matthew 5:28 that if you have even looked at a woman lustfully you have committed adultery. If you cause a man to lust after you, whether by your physical actions with him or physical appearance you have caused him to commit adultery. And if you look lustfully on a man, or even a woman, you have committed the same sin. The godly woman knows that God’s word is true and that marriage to one man is the only honest way to express sexuality.
  5. The woman of wisdom is life-giving. In Genesis 3:20, Adam names his wife Eve as the “mother of all living.” Women and girls are given the task of being life-givers. We are to bear and nurture life in all settings, no matter our age. The forbidden woman’s life leads to death for all who come in contact with her. But the godly woman labors hard to cultivate life in the people around her. Do not be a source of death for the brothers in your life. Be a source of life. Protect their hearts and their eyes by choosing to dress modestly and behave modestly. Protect their future marriages by refraining from using your body and your mind as a tool for your own gain. Encourage them in their walk with the Lord and their fight against lust by your appearance, your actions, and your relationship with them. God has given you a tremendous tool to use for his glory.

Final post to be continued...