Missions Wednesday: Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation, with over 130,000,000 living in this coastal country. While Nigeria practices freedom of religion, the country is split between Muslims living in the north and Christians living in the south. This split has always caused tension, and often violence between the north and south, with Christians being the recipients of horrific persecution as of late. Carolyn McCulley responds to this violence after watching a documentary on Nigeria. Her insights are very helpful as we pray for, and think about, Nigeria.

She says:

"Please pray that our Christian brothers and sisters there can be bold instruments of reconciliation, sowers of the gospel who do not perpetuate the bloodshed. Pray for their protection and boldness in ministering truth. And pray that those who identify with Christian beliefs, but who have not put their saving faith in Christ's work on the cross, will truly become followers of Christ."

You can read the rest of the post here.

Ways to pray:

  • Pray that believers be encouraged and strengthened even in the midst of horrible suffering.

  • Pray that existing Christians would have access to growth and discipleship.

  • The church has seen tremendous growth in recent years, pray that this growth would not lead to doctrinal unfaithfulness.

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