Preserving My Time

Today has been a lazy day. And boy do I like it! About a month or two ago a dear friend encouraged me to examine my schedule and cut things out that took me away from my husband and my home. As she wisely observed, I had begun to fill my evenings, and even my Saturday's, with a lot of other things that had very little to do with my husband. I had assumed that since he was studying I could just do whatever I wanted. He didn't need me around, right? Well, what happened was these other "things" became overwhelming. Suddenly, I wasn't just away from home too much, but I was exhausted and moody when I was home. Not good.

My friend encouraged me to learn to appreciate my time at home. She encouraged me to do little things to help my husband as he studied and worked: make him cookies, clean the house, grocery shop in the evening so we have weekends together, just be there. My home should be a resting place for my husband and it's not very restful if I am devoting my time to everything but that pursuit!

So I started trying to preserve my time. And it was not easy! I am a chronic over-committer. I get myself way too involved in things and then realize that I don't have time when it is too late. Right now, I am winding down my commitments and hoping that the next few months can be a better use of my time for my husband.

Today was a first. I had nothing on the calendar! We slept in, ate breakfast together (Daniel cooked!), I read for a good, long time in my pajamas, cleaned the kitchen, and am now about to make dinner. We had a nice walk planned, but the rain ruined it. It just felt so nice to not have to go anywhere or do anything.

That's where I'm at right now in my sanctification. I wish I was further, but I am so thankful for my friend's encouragement. I am also so thankful that God is not finished with me yet. He will continue to shape me and mold me into the wife that he wants me to be. Until the day I see his face, I will keep plugging along, praying that each year brings me closer into his likeness.