Missions Wednesday: Poland

Many of us remember the recent plane crash that took the life of Poland’s President, First Lady, and many of the country’s leaders. Tragedy can often bring a country to attention that was not previously on our minds. Apart from the fact that my sister-in-law is Polish (a descendant of Polish immigrants), my knowledge pretty much ends there. So today’s country is Poland.

Poland’s population, as of 2000, was over 38 million people. While the country is considered 90% Christian, the majority of these numbers are Catholic. They are a country with rich history, having been in existence since the 10th century. During World War II they were occupied by both the Soviets and the Germans, losing 6 million Polish lives in the war (many of them Jewish Polish). Like the rest of Eastern Europe in the aftermath of the war, they were under communist government instituted by the Soviets until 1989.

Evangelical Christianity is still uncommon in Poland due to the heavy prominence of the Catholic Church, and most young people are skeptical of religion but open to hearing about Christ and his work. This is promising. But in the rise of a new government of capitalism and democracy, the desire for wealth and power has overtaken many of the younger generation—yet leaving them hollow. This has only increased immorality and crime among the Polish communities.

Ways to pray:

  • There is a need for an evangelical presence among the Polish people. The Catholic Church is the predominant religion and people need to hear about the truth of Christ’s sufficient work for their sins. The Catholic Church has a considerable political influence among the Polish people.
  • Pray that Polish evangelicals would feel a desire to spread the Gospel to their own countrymen.
  • Pray for the growth of evangelical believers in Poland. They are a small minority and need encouragement to continue walking in the truth of the Gospel.
  • Pray for the growing Christian literature movement. Pray that Christ-centered resources would be published and get into the hands of many Polish people.