Missions Wednesday: Sweden

With the rise of secularism across much of Europe, it is no wonder that in a 100 year span the percentage of professing Christians in Sweden could go from 99% to a mere 48% believing in the existence of God. But it has happened. Since 2000 the Church of Sweden has ceased to be the official state church, leaving the country of Sweden with now complete religious freedom.

There are over 9 million people living in Sweden, and while Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries, the population is heavily concentrated with only 10% of the abundant mountains and forest cultivated. In the wake of massive secularization, Sweden is now known as one of the most permissive societies in Europe.

Ways to pray:

  1. Pray for the youth of Sweden. There is a generation coming up who has no real understanding of Christ and his work.
  2. Pray for a robust, orthodox theological education in Sweden. There are two main education facilities for theological training and these facilities are heavily influenced by secularist and humanist teaching that permeates the universities.
  3. Pray that the nations would be reached in Sweden. Sweden has become a place of refuge for people of other nations. In reaching Sweden, we can reach the nations.