Friday is for Fotos

The top picture is from a family reunion we went to in Ohio. Daniel's mom's side of the family had a reunion and it was great meeting many of them for the first time! I learned so much about his family history, but unfortunately it was information overload and I can barely remember any of it. We got to put our names on the family tree, attaching ourselves to the Rower history.

The bottom picture is from my Grandpa's memorial service in March. This is his entire side of the family (my mom's family). It was the first time we had all been together in years and it was a neat time of remembering Grandpa, but also remember all of our times together as family.

Often we can get so busy with the present that we forget the people who have come before us. There was a time when they were my age, busy with marriage and life. But now they are either gone or aging. They have stories that matter. They have memories that mean something to them. And we can't forget them. Their life is the reason we are here. We are a part of them. For both Daniel and me it is through these families that we heard the Gospel.

I'm so glad I have these pictures. I want our kids (Lord willing) to someday see the people who have come before them and know that they are a part of these families too.

But I also want us to understand that if we are in Christ we are part of an even bigger family, with many saints who have gone before us. This family is not bound by genes, but by the blood of Another, Jesus Christ.