There Will Come a Day

I know I have only written about our baby in recent days, but honestly it's what permeates my thoughts most days. I've been able to process more, and I hope to post that soon. Initially I couldn't think about anything. My mind was just a blur and I felt like I was coasting through life, riding on the prayers of other people. And they have been such a blessing. I still feel that way at times, but today I feel okay, so I am writing. I say "today" because I really don't know what each day holds for my emotions. And I'm okay with that.

One of the things that has stood out to me clearly lately is how thankful I am for the Gospel. I have always been thankful for it. It's my only basis for salvation. But the Gospel has never seemed so sweet as when I think about that fact that Christ's work on the Cross is the reason that my baby is in heaven, and I will see him again. While I so wish I could hold him, kiss him, and love him, I know that I will someday. And that day our baby will be standing with us, mommy and daddy, singing praises to the great Savior, Jesus.