Missions Wednesday: Spain

Spain holds over 39 million people, yet this population is projected to decline in coming years. Like the rest of Europe, increased secularism has led to a decline in the birth rate of this once strongly Catholic nation. Catholicism is still considered the official religion, and equality for others (Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals) was only granted in 1992. 40-50% of the Catholic population are considered inactive, so while religion seems to be a strong force, it is often in number only. Once a country of religious discrimination, secularism now prevails.

The Catholic Church is in trouble in Spain. It has increasingly lost numbers and influence. This has created a spiritual vacuum which has been filled with materialism and secularism, cults, drugs, gambling, and the occult. This is not the outcome hoped for as religious freedom has increased.

Ways to pray:
  1. Pray for evangelical growth. The existing churches are in concentrated areas. Pray for spreading and acceptance of the Gospel.
  2. Pray for church leaders. Many must be bi-vocational due to small numbers and high unemployment. Pray for faithfulness and perseverance.
  3. Pray for those yet to be reached: North African Muslim immigrants, the student population (one million), and the 13 million people with no evangelical church in their town.