Christmas Card Time!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yep, you guessed it. Christmas card time! I already got your input on our picture, now comes the fun part of choosing a card. And even better, I am getting 50 free cards. I read about this deal from Laurin and Melanie. Shutterfly is having a promotion for bloggers, so here I am to talk about how much I love Shutterfly. I just love sorting through all of the pretty card ideas. There are so many Christmas photo cards to choose from. The hard part is picking the perfect one—especially when they all look perfect in their own way.

Maybe I will go with Pretty Poinsetta or Starlight Snowflakes. But I really like In His Name.
It’s just so hard!

If we had more than one good picture (or more than one picture that I liked), we could do Merry Modern Collage or Seasonal Chic. But, one will have to do this year.

Shutterfly doesn’t just have Christmas cards. They have so much more to offer. If you can’t think of something to get for a family member, let Shutterfly help. They have a host of wonderful gift ideas right on their website. Your family will thank you.

I really like their calendars. What better way to manage and organize your life than with pictures of the ones you love right there? It’s a perfect idea!

So now all I have to do is pick out my cards and then I am set. Check your mail soon and you just might see the Reissigs smiling face in your mailbox!