Friday is for Fotos (a little late)

I couldn't post last night because Daniel took me on a surprise date out of town, and it was wonderful! He finished the semester on Thursday night, and had been telling me all week that he had a surprise planned. So when I got home from work, my bag was packed and we headed to dinner and then a night away.

For Thanksgiving we went to his hometown in Findlay, Ohio, just like last year. I made my first pumpkin pie for our family dinner. I have only made pumpkin pie twice so far, so I was really nervous. But everyone liked it, so I think I did okay. We also went out on Black Friday and got a lot of shopping in. I am pretty much finished with my Christmas shopping, which is a huge task to check off. We didn't go out super early, but we were out there at 7 am and felt like late arrivals compared to other family members of mine! Even though we weren't crazy shoppers, we did enjoy ourselves.

Here are some pictures from last week. The first one is from our Black Friday escapades (hence, the lack of makeup). Hope you have a happy Saturday!