Our First Missions Trip

The title is sort of misleading because really this isn't our first missions trip. But tomorrow morning we will head out, with our bags packed, for our first missions trip together as a married couple. And we are super excited! And of course, a little overwhelmed by all of the little details that need to be taken care of before we leave.

We will be going to New York City with Southern Seminary to assist church planters in the area. Our team will be staying in Manhattan, but Daniel and I (and another guy) will be working primarily in Brooklyn with a church plant in that area. Our team leader told us that we will be seeing the side of New York that tourists don't usually try to see when they come. We will be serving among the poor, needy, and spiritually darkened. Less than 3% of NYC would identify as evangelicals and I just read an article this week that 39% of pregnancies end in abortion in New York City. That is staggering. And that is who we will be serving, hoping that God would be pleased to soften hearts to treasure and follow Christ.

If you could, please pray for us as we go. We will be gone for a week and I look forward to updating here all that God does.