Missions Wednesday: Egypt

We have been hearing a lot about Egypt on the news lately. While I haven’t been following it as closely as I would like, I do know that in a lot of ways history is being made in Egypt as the unrest continues. It’s hard to wade through the media waters and glean truth about the situation, but even as we watch these things unfold thousands of miles away we can know one thing—God is surely at work. Conflict and turmoil have a way of drawing people to the Savior, and we can pray that God would use this situation to draw Egyptian people to himself.

Egypt has been around for a while. We read about Egypt in our Bibles and learn about the pyramids in school. For nearly 1,000 years Egypt was a Christian nation. They are now predominantly Muslim, but around 15% identify as Christians. Religious persecution has characterized the Christian experience in Egypt now, and at times they have undergone intense suffering.

Ways to pray:
  • Pray that the roots of Christianity would blossom amidst this current turmoil.
  • Pray for Christians in Egypt that they would be strong in Christ and endure faithfully during persecution.
  • Pray that the Church in Egypt would be faithful in their response to the conflict.