Friday is for Fotos!

It's that time of year...March Madness! I honestly don't remember knowing about March Madness until a few years ago. I know that sounds crazy, but I must have just not been paying attention all this time. Daniel and I filled out our brackets on Sunday and have been anxiously watching the results pour in. I won the whole thing a couple of years ago and so now I feel like every year I have to continue the trend. This is a lot of pressure. Last year was not so good, but I have high hopes for this year.

All that to say, I have no real strategy for how I pick my teams. This drives my husband crazy because I sometimes do better than him, and I'm a novice! I did pick Kansas to win it all this year, much to his dismay. We are Ohio State fans, but I just felt like picking someone else. I told him it was just business, not personal.

So between homework, church, and work, this is occupying our time over the next few weeks!

As a side note, my brothers did brackets too and they both picked San Diego State to win it all. I have one word for that. Lame.

Happy Friday!