Letter from a Grieving Mother

My Sweet Baby,

This is not how I thought my first Mother’s Day would be. I had hoped to be holding you and dressing you for church this morning. But I'm not. Instead my arms ache to hold you this side of heaven. I know you don’t weep for me. You are with our Savior, King Jesus. I can’t help but smile thinking that when I worship the Savior this morning at church, I’m joining in a heavenly song already going on. One that you are a part of.

All I ever wanted for you was faith in Christ. I wanted you to treasure him, worship him, and see him as the all-sufficient redeemer or your sins. We prayed that for you from the moment we found out about your existence. God answered that prayer. Just not how we expected it.

We don’t have to pray for you anymore, sweet baby. We only pray about you, thanking God that in his kind providence he saved you early in your life. While our hearts break that this saving happened before we could hold you and know you, we rejoice that he saved you from this sin-cursed world. All you will ever know is the sweet joy of fellowship with your heavenly Father. You are worshipping our Christ with an unveiled face this day, my baby. And that makes this grieving mother's heart glad.

I will love you and remember you all my earthly life.