Will You Please "Like" Our Church?

We've enjoyed getting settled here in Little Rock and finally feel like we have some time to actually think, plan, and relax. After a wonderful three-day weekend, it was back to reality today and with it came a new development with our church plant...we have a Facebook page! When you are in the beginning stages all developments are a big deal.

So I humbly ask you, my faithful blog readers (and I know you are out there), to "Like" us on Facebook. Just click on this link, log-in to Facebook, and hit "Like." It's so easy and would make us very happy. If you don't have Facebook, we have a Wordpress page that talks more about who we are and what we are about (click here to get to that page). Either way, we covet your prayers as we begin this exciting and sobering journey to start Midtown Baptist Church here in Little Rock, AR.

Hope you all have a happy re-entry into the work week!