God Makes No Discoveries

A few weeks ago I heard that there had been a discovery of something with the ability to go faster than the speed of light. They are called neutrinos, and the world's largest physics lab made the discovery. Apparently they move pretty fast. Fast enough to question a theory that has been around for a very long time. I don't know a whole lot about physics. In fact, I had to ask my husband what Einstein's theory even meant. But I find it fascinating that even when we have the greatest scientific research capabilities our world has ever known, we are still not finished in the discovery of our universe.

And yet, so often the scientific community (and many in academia) miss the creator of it all. We only discover because God has given us a brain, talent, and eyes to see what he has made. A discovery to us is no discovery to God. I've been studying the book of Job in a bible study over the past few weeks, and it has completely opened my eyes to new things in God's word. At the end of the book God finally speaks to Job, and the way he does is surprising, especially to us as 21st century observers. In revealing the greatness of who he is he draws attention to the wonder of his creation. It's overwhelming, really. In our busy modern times we don't often stop to take his creation in, to marvel at it, and see his greatness in it. No piece of his creation moves without his sovereign and perfect command. He cares for the intimate details of everything he has made. Job 38:36 says, "Who has put wisdom in the inward parts or given understanding to the mind?" Here God is saying that he is the one who grants wisdom and understanding. All knowledge comes from him. What seems like a great discovery to us is no discovery to him. When we are baffled and surprised that Einstein's theory can be brought into question, God isn't. He knows it all. If there is something even faster than a neutrino, he knows it because he made it.

The beauty of all of this is that God could have just given us all the answers immediately. Or he could have left us in the dark, unable to make any discoveries. But the fact that he gives doctors, researchers, teachers, and scientists knowledge of such things is cause for worship. He made us to be discovering and creative beings. He has given us a way to know his creation more fully by the knowledge he gives. He has not left us to ourselves, and his gift of wisdom and knowledge to us is another evidence of that fact.

So while many were scrambling at the surprise revelation that something else may be faster than light, God was not. He made the light and the neutrino. And he made everything else in this world we live in. May we have eyes to see his power in the beauty of discovery and always give him the worship he deserves.