Happy 30th Birthday, Daniel!

Today, my dear husband turns 30. I've been saying it over and over again, partly because I can't believe it. He is 30, which means in a little over a year I will be 30. He is out of his twenties and has moved into a new decade. But really, it's just a number. He feels the same way he did yesterday. So on this day, his 30th birthday, I want to honor him with 30 reasons I love him with all of my heart. Every year I love him more and more. I love seeing God grow him as a pastor, husband, friend, son, and Christian. He is a blessing to me in more ways than I can even count. So here are just some of the ways I am thankful for him today, but know that these don't even scratch the surface. I am one blessed woman!

Daniel, here are a few of the many ways I'm thankful to God for you.

  1. You are committed to studying God’s word and rightly handling his truth.
  2. You love people and want to see them grow in their knowledge of Christ.

  3. You love God’s word and believe that it is true and powerful.
  4. You are sensitive to the needs of others and are quick to show compassion.

  5. You take your responsibility as a pastor seriously, and you show that seriousness by your faithfulness in preparing to preach God’s word and your devotion to prayer.

  6. You are hospitable.

  7. You love me and are my best friend.

  8. You model Christ’s love for the Church by faithfully providing for us and protecting me with joy.

  9. You are the hardest worker I know.

  10. You are honest.

  11. You are quick to ask questions and get to know people.

  12. You are a good listener.

  13. You are smart.

  14. You manage our finances in a way that protects us.

  15. You are willing to do things you don’t enjoy in order to serve God’s people and your family.

  16. You are quick to forgive.

  17. You are not afraid to admit that you are wrong.

  18. You are creative when it comes to giving gifts, and like to give people things that really mean something to them.

  19. You are funny.

  20. You care about lost people.

  21. You love the nations and are willing to give of yourself in order to see them trust in Christ.

  22. You love children.

  23. You are loyal.

  24. You are my greatest supporter and encourager.

  25. You are servant-hearted.

  26. You are gentle and not quick to be angry.

  27. You are affectionate.

  28. You enjoy being active.

  29. You still like to date me.

  30. After Christ, you are my greatest joy. There is no one else I would rather be with, cry with, love, and walk through this crazy life with.

Happy birthday, my love. I’m so thankful to God for you.