Creation Glorifies God

Rarely do I stop and marvel at God’s creation. When I drive around I’m usually focused on where I’m going or what I want to do next. When I run all I can think about is how much longer I have to run. I go from my car to the apartment without ever taking in the beauty of the world around me. I’ve never been one to be super aware of nature, and growing up in a big city only heightened my ignorance to it all. Skyscrapers and concrete have a way of sidelining the beauty of green trees and flowers.

For the first time that I can remember, last week I appreciated the beauty of what God made in creation—and it made me want to worship him more. I spent last week in Colorado chaperoning a high school ski trip and every morning, while walking to breakfast, I watched the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains. I have seen mountains before, and even the Rockies. But this time it was different.

As I saw the red, orange, and purple hues rise over the snowy peaks all I could think about was the fact that even the rocks and mountains cry out that he is God. If we fail to worship him and honor him with the glory due his name, just look at the mountains, the flowers blooming in spring, and the beauty of the sunrise. They are all screaming that God is glorious and mighty and deserving of all of our worship (Luke 19:40).

This is why Romans 1 is so condemning and so devastating. The worst form of blasphemy and dishonor towards God is to worship what he has created rather than the Creator. And we do it all of the time. The sunrise is not glorious because it is a sunrise. The sunrise is glorious because it points to the One who made it—God. What kept coming back my mind over and over again as I took in the beauty of the mountains this week was that it all pales in comparison to the glory we will one day see in heaven.

Creation daily lifts its voice to worship the God who created it. As a human being, created in the image of my Creator, I want to honor him by worshipping him in greater measure than even the rocks and the mountains.