He is the Complete and Final Sacrifice for Sin

"Here is the true, the final, and the all-sufficient sacrifice for sin. Jesus not only endures God's just wrath on the cross, but he exhausts and satisfies it, draining it down to the bitter dregs, so that there is none left. In satisfying God's wrath, Jesus also shows us that here at last is the true king and judge who conquers the enemy of his people--not flesh and blood, but sin and death--and delivers us from the power of both...

Christian, your sins have been paid for, your substitute was sufficient, and you have been brought to God. Christ is done with your sin--and so are you. The trials of this life are small in comparison to the future Christ has secured for you. So do not grow fond of this world's love, and do not faint under this world's scorn. Christ died for sin, for sinners, for God, so that you may live for God and with God, now and forevermore."

-Michael Lawrence, It Is Well: Expositions on Substitutionary Atonement