My First Live Radio Interview

Last Friday, I was interviewed by a Christian radio station in California about my most recent post on Her.meneutics, "Why Jesus is Not Your Boyfriend." I had never been on live radio before and was honored to be asked. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. But Joe Pursch (the man who interviewed me) was kind, and the callers were gracious and encouraging.

What I wanted to convey in the article, and in the interview, was that a humanized understanding of Christ is actually quite dangerous for men and women. As Christians, we all should be passionate about the Lord, but we must never allow that passion to be confused with romantic passion. And we must never, either intentionally or unintentionally, create a Christ in our own image, namely the image of a special friend who meets our deep desires for a significant other. Pursch asked me how single women can protect themselves from having a faulty Christology, and the answer I gave is true for so many issues we face as believers. We must immerse ourselves in God's word through personal study and the preaching in our local congregations.

I said a lot more (the interview was almost an hour long!), so if you are interested you can follow this link. It is the June 29th podcast and my interview starts at the second hour of the program.