The Bible and the Pain of Infertility (a Resource)

I'm pretty sure I have read this article at least five times since I first learned about it a little over a year ago. I have a number of good friends who have read it too, so I know that for some readers this is probably not a new resource. But I have found it extremely helpful. If you are not struggling with infertility yourself, but are close to someone who is, this article provides a clear window into what the infertile person might be feeling and going through.

But what makes this article so good is that it goes even farther than just explaining how infertility makes you feel. It tells who where to go from there, from two people who have been there. It provides a biblical framework for thinking through your infertility, and also provides counsel to those who want to help someone struggling with infertility.

If you have not yet read it, I encourage you to do so. I pray you will be blessed by it just as I have been.

Read it here