It Went As Fast As It Came

This face pretty much sums up how we feel around our place today. Why such a long face and tears, you ask?

The Olympics are over.

For over two weeks we were glued to our television. I suppose it is a good thing that we will do more productive things now, like sleep and read books. But for right now, we are just sad. Sad that we have to wait four more years. Sad that all of the hype is over. Sad that our favorite athletes will now fade away from our minds.

When I was younger I would be depressed (maybe that's too strong of a word) for days. Now that I am an adult, I'm not depressed today. But I must admit, this morning felt a little bit like December 26th to me. And who really likes December 26th?

School starts tomorrow, too. Life will quickly be filled with papers to grade and lesson plans to create. The Olympics were good while they lasted. Now it's back to reality.

Bye, bye Olympics. It was a fun two weeks!