Friday is for Fotos: A Wedding (and a Belly Pic)!

A dear friend of mine got married a week ago today and I was so honored to be involved in her special day! So last Wednesday I packed my bags and headed up to Minneapolis to celebrate the Young/Johnson wedding. And there was much fun had by all! I was able to stay with my old roommates and in so many ways it felt like I never left, even thought it's been five (crazy?!?) years since I lived there. The wedding was a blast! We danced, talked, laughed, and danced some more. It was by far the most movement I have had since I got pregnant. I'm sure the babies were surprised about all the movement happening around them! Here are some pictures from the day. Pictures don't do it justice. It was such a fun weekend!

This is every girl (minus one)  who has ever lived in the 2520 house. God did amazing things in my heart in that house and he gave me amazing friends along the way! I love these girls!

And because I'm getting bigger, here is a belly picture to end your day. This was taken on Tuesday (I was 15 weeks 4 days), although I feel like I am even bigger today. The last week has been one of major growth, or at least it feels like it. I am 16 weeks today and can hardly believe it. When we got pregnant I was just hoping to make it through the first trimester, so to be able to be 16 weeks is such a mercy from our Lord. I am thankful for every moment, week, and month I have had with these babies. I haven't felt them move yet, but I'm really looking forward to it!

Happy Friday!