Friday is for Fotos (And an Update on the Twins!)

I am now officially in my third trimester. Even as I type that it's so hard for me to believe. In some ways the pregnancy feels like it has flown by and then other days it feels like it's dragging ever so slowly. Either way, there is not much time left in this pregnancy. And in six to nine weeks we will be meeting these sweet boys in person. We can hardly wait!

Update on the Boys

They are movers and shakers. I rarely need to actually sit and count movements because they move so much. I am very thankful for that. People often ask me if I can tell a difference in who is kicking. I can! Since I know where they are positioned I have learned to tell who is kicking me at specific times. Today I felt Zach hiccuping for the first time, or at least I think that is what it was. I feel Luke a lot more because of where he is positioned. He seems to be more forward in my womb. Both of them are packing a mean punch these days, and Daniel was even able to see them rolling around the other day. As of the last ultrasound Zach was still head down, but Luke had moved to a breech position. We are hoping he will move himself around in the next few weeks. Zach is still measuring larger than Luke, but they are both growing at the right pace (i.e. they are doubling their weight each visit). It just looks like Luke is a little smaller, but the doctor said that is perfectly normal. Daniel likes to call him our runt!

Update on Momma

I am really starting to feel weighed down by the boys. But that's to be expected at this point. My last day of teaching is this coming Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to spending some time getting ready for their arrival (and resting!). In all honesty, I would take tiredness and physical discomfort over the nausea of the first seventeen weeks any day, so there are no complaints here. Feeling them move is the highlight of my day and I just get so excited knowing that my two children are almost here. While the pregnancy has been fairly smooth up to this point, I did get a little bit of bad news last Friday. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was really bummed when I found out. I honestly wasn't expecting the diagnosis, so it hit me really hard. And then we found out that Zach was starting to measure a little larger in his abdomen, which could have been because of the diabetes. I met with a dietitian on Tuesday and was really encouraged that this can be managed for the remainder of the pregnancy and have already started seeing an improvement in my glucose levels.

As much as this pregnancy has been the greatest source of joy for me, it has reminded me again of the brokenness of this world. Pregnancy, like everything else, was cursed by the arrival of sin in the Garden. And while we often think of this in terms of the pain of labor and delivery, the entire process of pregnancy and motherhood brings with it pain and suffering. From the fact that our bodies don't make enough insulin while we are pregnant, to the pain we feel when our children reject the Christ we love. Motherhood is full of joy and full of pain--all at the same time.

Pregnancy, like infertility, has reminded me afresh why Christ had to come. All is not right in this world. My sinful heart, coupled with the ravages of sin everywhere else, necessitated a divine rescue. It also reminds me that one day things will be made right. One day our bodies will work properly. One day the intense joy we have already experienced will not be laced with sorrow and discomfort. One day the greatest pleasures we are given on this earth will pale in comparison to the overwhelming pleasure of being with our Jesus, who will wipe every tear away and make all things new.

So that's an update on our little twinsies. We are daily reminded of God's kindness to us giving us these precious gifts, and are often overcome with excitement about their impending arrival!