Life With Twins: "You Must Be So Busy!"

One of the many comments I get when I'm out and about with the twins is "you must be so busy!" I guess I am. The truth is, since I have only had twins, I don't know any different. I was thrown into this whole parenting thing with two babies instead of one. So I've learned parenting like the rest of my mom friends, just with less arm and lap space. As you can probably imagine, I get other comments, too. Comments like "Better you than me!" "They must be double trouble!" Those are true statements, too, I guess. When one gets into something, the other usually follows. And I am glad it's not them raising these precious boys. I like them and I'm so glad they are mine. Twins tend to attract attention and comments, which I've gotten used to, and they boys don't mind at all! They LOVE the attention from people.

In all honesty, life with twins has been the craziest, most amazing, most difficult, most joy-filled reality I have ever known. Yes, I'm busy. Yes, I'm tired. Yes, my kids disobey and get into stuff. But that's what motherhood is. It's busyness. It's exhausting work. It's constantly training and teaching my precious sons that there is a way to live in this crazy world.

With all the well-meaning comments, and some not-so-well-meaning, I always remind myself and them that double the crazy means double the joy. We really believe that, Daniel and me. We look at these two sweet 14 month old boys and think, "we can't believe we get to be their parents." Sure, some days are hard. I'm not going to pretend it's always smiles and giggles around here. It's not. But nearly every day when we put them to bed we marvel at the stewardship we have been given. God has entrusted these precious souls to us. What a task!

Busyness comes and goes. There are some days that are filled with a little more crazy, tears, and disarray than others. But there is never less love and joy. And as I like to say often, "double the crazy truly is double the fun."

A little by way of update on these two, since I realized I haven't done this since they were 10 months old!

Luke is officially out of his helmet. Praise the Lord! He was such a trooper through the whole process. Both boys are growing well and learning so much. They enjoy playing with cars and balls. What little boy doesn't, right? Zach can say "eye" and "nose" (it sounds like "ne") and can point to both. Luke is stuck on only saying and pointing to his nose. They love to eat and drink milk, which is such a change from a year ago! Luke LOVES tomatoes. Seriously loves them. They both love fruit and would only eat that if I gave it to them exclusively. They have become quite attached to their blankets, which I find absolutely precious. Daniel and I always think each phase is so fun, but this has been our favorite so far. They love playing and learning new things. They will bring books to us and toys to us and want us to play with them or read to them and it melts our hearts. All in all, it's been a fun second year with them!


This post is part of a blog link-up for the Twin Talk Blog. Since April is Multiple Birth Awareness Month, I wanted to join in the fun with other twin mamas! I wish this blog on twins had been around last year at this time. But I enjoy reading it now!