Welcome to My New Website!

In January 2007 I started a blog. I had been out of college for over half a year and wanted to practice the craft I had gone to college for. So I wrote and wrote and wrote. Here I am nine years later. I'm married. I have kids. I've written a book. And it was time to move my site over to a more permanent and professional place. 

But the message is still the same. I named my blog "In View of God's Mercy" because I believe that is where life is lived. I write out of my life. I write out of experiences. I write to process what God is teaching me. I write with his abundant mercy ever in my view, or at least I pray that is the case whenever I put the pen to the proverbial paper.

If you've been with me since the beginning, or anywhere else along the way, I hope you still stick around. I will keep writing here as the Lord gives me time, words, and energy. I pray it is useful in your life. Some of my old posts didn't make the cut in the move. A lot of them are still here though. 

I've also had some new features added to the site, including a page about my book and my speaking engagements. But mostly this place is for me to write, to "taste life twice", to reflect on God's kindness to me in the difficulty and the joy, and to honor him with this gift I have been given. 

Thanks for stopping by (and for staying for the ride).

*I am so grateful to Gary Lancaster for his work on this website. I am a technology and web design novice and he is to be credited for everything you see here. He did an outstanding job. So if you find this site visually appealing or easy to navigate, thank him, not me!