Remembering Mrs. Dubert

Today I am linking to a post I wrote in the fall of 2007 about a dear friend of mine. Her name was Mrs. Marjorie Dubert. The post includes something she wrote about her time as a missionary in New Guinea. Mrs. Dubert was a dear lady, who loved and served King Jesus. And on Wednesday, she was in the presence of her King.

Though I haven't seen Mrs. Dubert in many years, I still kept in contact with her. She was the mother of my mom's best friend, who is like an aunt to me. Mrs. Dubert and I would email from time to time, and she was one of the biggest encouragers of me to attend seminary. I still remember the content of her email when I told her I was moving to Louisville to go back to school. When I was living a rebellious life away from Christ, she prayed for me. She supported every misssions trip I went on. She emailed me. She read my blog sometimes. She was my far-away friend. And I will miss her. Now she is even farther away than she was before. But I will see her someday. Someday when we are all around the table of King Jesus worshipping our Savior forever. Until then, you will be missed, Mrs. Dubert. Thank you for your service to our Christ,

I hope she encourages you like she did me.