Missions Wednesday: Turkey

For this week’s Missions Wednesday I enlisted the help of my sweet husband. He has been to Turkey twice and it is a country that is dear to our heart. So below are some helpful tidbits that he relayed to me about the country of Turkey.

Turkey is the largest unreached nation in the world. For over a thousand years Christianity was the prevailing religion, but now Islam is the official religion of Turkey. There are approximately 66 million people living in Turkey. This is a staggering number. Sixty-six million people, unreached, and following a false religion.

Geography lesson for the day: It straddles two continents: Europe and Asia. I thought that was interesting.

How we can pray:

Pray that God would send missionaries to Turkey to proclaim the Gospel.

Pray that the missionaries who are already there would be encouraged.

Pray that God would open their eyes to the Gospel. Islam is a cultural religion there, and to leave Islam means leaving being a Turk in many of their minds.

Pray against fear in the hearts of Turkish people who have become Christians.