Will You Mentor Me?

A biblical mentoring relationship is a choice—for both parties involved. While we see the mandate in Titus 2 for older women to train the younger women, the latter must be willing to receive the discipleship. Often, as younger women, we stay only in the waiting position. We see the command for older women and hope that they will see us at church and resolve to find us and mentor us. It’s not wrong to hope for that. In fact, it is a very good thing to hope for that kind of a relationship. But we can take that hope and help make it into a reality. We can take steps to foster relationships with older women, seeking their advice, desiring their help, and wanting their friendship.

Ruth made a conscious decision to stay with Naomi. The text says that she “clung” to her (Ruth 1:14, 17-18). And this was even against the advice of Naomi! But Ruth wanted Naomi’s God. Ruth wanted to be apart of Naomi’s family. She chose to stay with her.

Mary made a deliberate choice to go to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-40). Granted, Elizabeth was more than a willing partner in helping the young mother. But still, Mary went to her on her own accord. She knew Elizabeth shared a common experience with her (an unexplained and unexpected pregnancy) and shared her God. This was enough for Mary to go to Elizabeth and seek refuge and comfort in her time of need.

Our action as younger women does not take away from the biblical command directed to older women. But our action, done in humility, might actually encourage them in their desire to fulfill the directive of Titus 2. Asking someone to mentor you, and asking someone if they want to be mentored is never easy—no matter how you word it. But perhaps, and I know this is true of my own life, it may be God’s way of cultivating humility in your life simply by saying “I need help in this area, can you mentor me?”

So often we like to think that we have it all together. Or at least we act like we do. We surround ourselves with peers who think we are great, who think we are holy, who think we have womanhood down. And maybe you do. Praise God for that. But maybe, just maybe, God wants to cultivate an even greater holiness, an even greater heart for womanhood, and an even greater understanding of greatness by putting an older woman in your life to shape those already existing qualities.

Pray about it. Read about it. Talk about it. And by God’s grace make a choice to do something about it.