Joining the Everlasting Song

The other day I was listening to Together for the Gospel Live by Bob Kauflin. While leading the musical worship he said something that struck me. He said, "we may just be beginning our song this morning, but we are joining a greater song that is already going on." When we sing our praises to God, we are joining with the saints around the throne of King Jesus. That made me weep.

When my granpda died earlier this year, I would think of that truth often while singing during the worship service. "He's already there. He already sees fully what I can only see dimly," I would think to myself. It would make me long for that day all the more knowing that someone I loved so dearly was experiencing joy and fellowship that I only can long for. And so is our baby. When we sing praises to God, we are joining in a song that our baby is already singing. Which means that fellowship with God, and with his people, should be the greatest source of comfort for us. It's what he is already getting and seeing.

I know it seems small, but it was huge for me to realize that. Just one more reminder that God is there pulling me through and teaching me more about who he is. One day, I will join the everlasting song with our baby. Until then, I pray that I can worship Christ with all my heart, longing for the day when my faith becomes sight.