Missions Wednesday: Singapore

Often when we think of countries that are effective for the Gospel we only think of ones that define themselves as Christians. How could a country that only claims 15% of its population as believers be a place of key ministry training for leaders in other countries? Singapore is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Located on the southern tip of Malaysia, Singapore has nearly 4 million people packed on this large island (and several smaller ones). The rest of Singapore’s population are Buddhist (majority), Muslim, non-religious, or other religions.

While there is freedom of religion, there is a deep concern and desire to maintain unity among the people—leading to legislations that limits speaking publicly about religious beliefs.

Since 1970, the number of Christians has doubled. This gives great hope for the hearts of the people of Singapore. And among university and medical students the percentage of Christians is even higher.

While the percentage of believers is small, Singapore is a “sending” country, sending over 450 missionaries from their country. According to Operation World, Singapore has one of the best missionary to church ratios in the world (approximately 1 missionary for every 1 protestant/evangelical church).

Ways to pray:

  1. Singapore is very wealthy. Like all of us, the pull to worship the gift of money rather than the giver has taken its toll. Pray that younger Christians would do radical things for God’s glory with their affluence.
  2. Pray for the existing Bible training facilities. There are many seminaries, Bible schools, and theological training programs throughout Singapore. People from all over Asia have come to learn. Pray for continued faithfulness and endurance.
  3. Young people are the most responsive to the Gospel. Pray that they will be discipled and shepherded by godly, older believers and plugged in to a local church.