Countdown to Christmas

There is a lot of Christmas cheer going on around the Reissig apartment right now. The tree is lit. Presents are wrapped. Candles are burning. On Thursday night (after Daniel gets off work) we begin our trip to Florida to stay with my parents for Christmas. We are staying the night in Atlanta and will make it to the Sunshine State just in time to go to the Christmas Eve service on Friday night. We only go to my parents once a year, so I am practically giddy about it.

Here are a few things that are getting me in the Christmas spirit these days:

  1. Our tree (as pictured above). It's a sweet little tree that Daniel got for free long before we ever met. But I like our little tree. It's got some character.
  2. This book, as Imentioned yesterday.
  3. Thinking about my mom's chocolate covered peanut butter balls. Divine. Seriously. I'm not even sure she will have any left over when I get home, but a girl can hope, right?
  4. The thought of sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. It's my vacation time too, so I'm taking full advantage. Works been crazy and I'm excited about the little break.
  5. No agenda at all. I live by agendas and schedules. Sometimes to my own detriment. But I have no agenda besides sleeping and hanging out with my family. And snuggling my sweet nephew of course. Which leads me to my next point.
  6. I can't wait to see my nephew, David. He is 15 months now and we haven't seen him since March. I just smile when I think about getting to see his sweet face.
  7. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. It's a family tradition that is wonderful. I can smell them now!
  8. Pizza on Christmas Eve. Another family tradition. What can I say, food gets me excited at Christmas!
  9. My husband sneaking around the apartment as he tries to wrap my gifts without me knowing. He is so sweet to me.
  10. The precious gift of being able to see almost all of my family this Christmas season. I am so thankful for them.
  11. Hark the Herald Angels Sing is my favorite Christmas song right now. I could listen to it all day long. "Hail the heaven born prince of peace, hail the Son of Righteousness!" Amen!

Well, that's all for now. Just some Christmas ramblings for this Tuesday before Christmas.