All Time Favorite Christmas Memory

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I always asked my dad if we could open a present on Christmas Eve. To which he always promptly replied, "You can open all tonight or all tomorrow. It's all or nothing." It always killed me as I ached with excitement to open presents!

Two years ago today Daniel and I were a happily dating couple. We said goodbye at the airport a few days before and I headed to Florida while he headed to Ohio (or so I thought). On Christmas Eve afternoon he called me and just started making small talk. I thought he was driving to his parents at the time. Everything was going normal until he asked me this question:

"Every year you ask your dad to open a gift on Christmas Eve and what does your dad say?"

"He says, 'All or nothing,'" I said back.

"Well, I sent you a gift ahead of time to open today," Daniel said.

So I started looking under the tree for said gift. As I was looking around trying to find the gift I came up from the tree and in walked Daniel through the back porch door of my parents house. He was wearing a suit. I was not dressed so spiffy. In fact, I hadn't showered in a couple of days and I am pretty sure I hadn't brushed my teeth yet. I mean, I was on vacation and I certainly didn't think my boyfriend would be showing up!

He got down on one knee and well, you can watch the rest here. The rest is history. Today we opened a gift together to keep the tradition started by Daniel. I finally get to open a gift on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas all!