2010 in Pictures

This blog has been kind of silent for over a week. Thanks for reading even though I have been absent. We had a great time at my parents in Florida relaxing, enjoying sweet fellowship, and just spending time with my family. It was a treat! I got this idea from a blog friend and decided to start the new year with a picture review of 2010. It was a big one and a sad one. We love Jesus more because of it. And we love each other more too. For that we are thankful. So here is what our 2010 looked like.

January 2010: Every year our church does Disciple Now for our youth group. I take the girls and Daniel takes the boys. After we spend time talking about the Bible, craziness usually ensues. This is before the craziness.

February 2010: The only thing I like about February is that my birthday is on the 5th. Daniel made me a card, bought me Cinnabon and got me flowers. He is so good to me. This year's birthday was sad for us because my Grandpa was really sick and went to be with Jesus the next day.

March 2010: We had my Grandpa's memorial service in Florida a month after so all of the family could come. These are all of my cousins on this side of the family, minus one cousin (who had just given birth to a baby). It was a blessing seeing everyone again.

April 2010: My youngest brother, Micah, came to stay with us during his Spring Break, which fell over Easter weekend. We loved having him visit!

May 2010: We celebrated the end of a semester and one year of marriage by going to Nashville. I have always wanted to go there, so it was a treat!

June 2010: We graduated four girls in our youth group and held a banquet for them. We love them and miss them! We also went to 2 weddings this month, which pretty much summed up a lot of our summer.

July 2010: Daniel's family had a family reunion in Ohio. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing people again. We also went to Iowa for another wedding and found out we were pregnant! It was a fun and exciting month for us.

August 2010: We had youth camp and attended 2 weddings all within a week of each other. We like to call this picture our prom picture because of the lights behind us. We also had a miscarriage in August, so the rest of the month was pretty much a blur of tears.

September 2010: Daniel went to the Purdue/Toledo football game with a good friend. He was in the thick of school work. We had church events. I worked a lot.

October 2010: I met my mom and sister-in-law in Texas for the True Woman conference. It was such a blessing!

November 2010: We celebrated Daniel's 29th birthday, went to Ohio for Thanksgiving, and finished up the school semester.

December 2010: To celebrate the end of the semester Daniel surprised me by taking me to Frankfort, the state capital. It was a snowy, Christmasey day and it was a great, short trip!

So there is our year in review. There were sad times, but there were happy times too. Looking forward to what God will do in 2011, and praying that we love him more in every circumstance.