Missions Wednesday: Congo

Africa is a continent riddled with conflict, poverty, and HIV. The Republic of Congo is one of these countries. Congo (not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of Congo) is a former French colony, like many countries in Africa. Upon gaining its independence, it has faced civil wars and poverty, lived two decades as a socialist state, and is struggling to live under democracy with an authoritarian leader.

While nearly 90% of the population would claim Christianity, it is often in name only. The people of the Congo are heavily “Christianized” but few are truly converted. Many are animists, and many do not understand the Gospel.

Civil rights atrocities have been rampant in times of war, leaving much of the country devastated by crime and destruction. People of the Congo need to know that Jesus is the Great Physician who can heal their bodies and their souls.

Ways to pray:
  1. Pray for the Christians and missionaries in the Congo. Pray that they would be strengthened to continue proclaiming Christ in spite of nominalism.
  2. Pray that Congolese men and women would see Christ as he really is and worship him alone.
  3. Pray that missionaries would be sensitive to the needs and sufferings of the people and would point them to Jesus.