Headed to Little Rock

One of my constant prayers when I married Daniel is that he would enjoy my best friend's husband as much as I enjoyed her. I knew they had similar interests, but you can't force true friendship. So I prayed that the friendship would come naturally. And by God's grace, it did.

After her husband graduated from seminary they began praying about where God would have them go next. Over time they started to feel like church planting was what God was calling them to.

That's where we come in.

After approaching us and asking us to pray about the decision to church plant and the location, it seemed that Little Rock, Arkansas was where we needed to be ministering (where they are from). Like so many cities in America, Little Rock is a city populated with churches, but many of them lack depth. When it comes down to it, every city could use more healthy, Christ-proclaiming churches. So there is no real formula for choosing Little Rock, just a common need and helpful connections.

We aren't really mystical when it comes to making decisions. We believe that God prompts us through people and through his word, but we don't really have any burning bush moments when we make decisions, although that would be helpful sometimes. When Jeff and Laura approached us with the vision and need we were sold. Although we knew Daniel was close to graduation, we had no concrete plans for next steps and were pretty much open to anything. We love the Breedings and we love the Gospel. This combination excites us to partner with them in ministry.

So on May 14 we will pack up the U-haul and head South to our new home. When we went to look for a place to live last week I kept saying to myself "This is where your home is now." Moving to a completely foreign city with only a handful of friends, and an amazing husband, can be daunting and overwhelming. But so far I'm just plain excited. I'm excited about what the future holds. I'm excited to start this new adventure with my husband. And I'm excited to be in the beginning stages of a church that, Lord-willing, will be a pillar of truth and Christ-exalting passion in the Midtown area of Little Rock, Arkansas.

If you think about it in the next few weeks, please pray for us. We have already seen God provide for us in tremendous ways, most notably in providing a job for Daniel (he will be bi-vocational for a while). This provides the opportunity for me to focus on our home, be a support to him, and grow as a freelance writer. I'm really looking forward to keeping a home and being a much happier, less stressed wife. We have a lot of details that need to fall into place. And we have a lot of things that need to get done, most importantly, packing and Daniel graduating.

Thanks for caring and for following us into this exciting new chapter of life. To God be the glory.