Friday is for Fotos

Last weekend we were in Little Rock, Arkansas looking for a place to live once Daniel graduates in a few weeks. Yep. We are moving! I will post more next week about all of the things happening on that front. We are really excited about this next phase of our life and ministry!

While we were there we hiked Pinnacle Mountain with our dear friends, the Breedings. Yes, I hiked. It was a milestone for me on so many levels. I'm not an outdoorsy person. Nor am I a really keen on heights. Nor am I a hiker. But I really enjoyed it! It was worth it for the view. And the hike really wasn't that bad. Five year olds could do it. The pictures above are from our hike. The one of Daniel and me is fuzzy because it was humid outside. The whole day was wonderful!

Well, enjoy the pictures and have a happy Friday!