The Way to a Man's Heart...

It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While it is true that my husband loves my cooking, I’m not sure that my home cooking is what won his heart in the end. But who knows, maybe it did! Last week the Today Show featured a story about a book written by a Glamour Magazine editor on foods every woman must know how to prepare. There is even a recipe for the woman who is tired of waiting on her man to commit—it’s called Engagement Chicken. This supposedly tried and true recipe has worked for a number of women who are desperate for a proposal.

Glamour, a bastion of raunch culture and independent womanhood, has now given us recipes that are destined to do the very thing many feminists despise—tie women down. Sure, something like this is to be expected from Martha Stewart Living and even Rachael Ray. But Glamour? Glamour prizes hyper-sexuality and no-strings attached relationships. But it also brings to light to insights into the feminine psyche.

Women deeply desire to be in a committed relationship. No amount of third-wave of feminism will remove this God-given desire. Our culture has tried to sell the lie that marriage is a mere societal construct, not anything of deep value. People can take or leave the institution; it is love that matters, right? Wrong. Deep down women don’t really want a man who just tells them he loves them all their days while their left ring finger stays empty. They want commitment. They want protection. They want a lifetime. Even Glamour Magazine thinks so.

Making a home for a family through cooking is an innate desire. Some women have it stronger than others. And it looks different in every life, whether single or married. But there are no men’s magazines telling men to woo women by cooking them their favorite meal. While men aren’t won through their hunger pains and appetites, feeding them a hearty meal sure does make them feel loved and cared for.

Obviously, this looks differently in every person’s life. Regardless of what wins a man in the end the fact that Glamour has weighed in on the problem of the never-ending dating relationship is saying something. No amount of flaunting sexuality and living together will satisfy the deep-seated longing in the hearts of most women. Glamour gets it, even if faintly. Marriage matters and there can be no substitute for it.

You can view the Today segment video here.