Friday is for Food and Fotos

Last week we were in Dallas for Daniel's job. While we were there we also got to experience all of the culinary awesomeness that is in Dallas. We ate a lot of good, good food. In-n-Out Burger has added locations in the DFW area, and while we had seen it on our recent travels there, we had yet to try it. It was my first experience with In-n-Out, and I was not disappointed. But I'm easily pleased by a hamburger, so I might be an easy critic! Here are some pics to document our dining experience. As you can see, I could not wait to try my burger!

And because I never can get enough of mexican/Tex-Mex, the first thing I made when we got back Saturday was this amazing Pioneer Woman recipe. I actually thought about it the entire drive back. It was as good as my daydreams imagined! I had some leftover shredded beef in the freezer, so this all worked out nicely. It is worth your time if you are into this sort of thing (i.e. the goodness of mexican food!).

Happy Friday!