Most Read Posts for 2012

I have been doing this little blog for almost six years now, which is so hard to believe. As my life has changed, so has the blog. As each season of my life has passed the blog has evolved a little more. In a lot of ways it's nice to have an online journal of all that God has done in my life. And I am so thankful for all of you who have joined me on this journey called life. I wish I could meet all of you! As I looked over the posts for the past year, I would have to say that this year probably saw the most change, and that is reflected in the posts that were most popular with my readers. At the beginning of the year I wrote about our infertility and how I didn't want to waste it. Towards the end of the year I wrote about the precious gift of our twin boys. Both posts were the highest read posts of the year, signifying to me that you, dear readers, have walked this road with us. So I thank you for that. A shared sorrow is truly half a sorrow and a shared joy is double the joy, and in many ways your joy for us has made this news even sweeter.

So here are the top five posts for 2012 on this little blog. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.

5. The Antidote for Bitterness

4. Interview with Nancy Guthrie

3. Posts on the boys (A Baby Story Part 1 and 2, These Boys Have Names)

2. Treat Her Like Your Sister

1. Don't Waste Your Infertility